Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As A Man Thinketh...

    A few years ago, while on a service mission in Brasil, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. He was a well read individual and had had much success as a businessman. So much success that he was offered a position as a professor at a prestigious university, of which I am reluctant to mention, on the east coast educating students in business and economics.
    Our conversation was on the topic of books. I inquired as to whether he had read any good books lately( basically shooting the shiz) to which he responded, "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen is the best piece of literature written in the last 100 years". I trust this man more than I trust most people.  So I read it. 
    Being that I was living in Brasil, I had a bit if a search to find it. After a few days I came across a small bookstore on the other side of town and and to my surprise there on the shelf was a copy. I was way over priced! In frustration I gave up my search. 
    A week or two went by and I ran into an old friend of mine. After a cordial greeting I noticed that my buddy had some pages in his hand. I inquired as to what it was. He informed me that he was reading a book that he had downloaded off of the internet. I was somewhat thrown off! The reason for my disbelief was that he had very few pages. What he had done was lower the font as small as he could and still read it. He took a text that was normally at jut slightly over 100 pages and brought it down to 3 pages.  He asked me to watch his tings while he went in to a meeting and I responded that I would. As he entered his meeting, unaware as to how much time it would take, I quickly searched for anything that would magnify the text so that I might read it. I found a shot glass.  Over the next two hours, with some difficulty, I was able to read the entire text. 

    James Allen was born in Leicester, England November 28, 1964. Hailed to be his greatest work, As As Man Thinketh, is one mans view on the power of though in the lives of man. Scripturaly based, Allen bases the entire book off of the premise that "As a man thinketh, so is he..." teaching us how to use thought to create or destroy ourselves and our world as we know it. I can honestly say that if I read this book every day for the rest of my life I would learn something new about the power of though daily. I highly suggest not just reading it, but buying a copy and applying it's principals to your life. No matter what your belief system is As a man thinketh will change the way you think about life!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A tribute to gapped teeth!

As a child I was always self conscious about the fact that I, in my opinion, had a grand canyon sized gap between my teeth. So for all of you that share this plight I dedicate this post to you!
 Here are a few pics of beautiful rocking the gap!

Feel self conscious now?

Hitchhiking Eastern Idaho

    About a month ago a friend of mine celebrated his 29th birthday. A few friends and I got together and took him out to dinner. On our way back we picked up a hitchhiker named 5. 5 was from Salt Lake City, Utah. He was unlike any other hitcher I'd ever encountered. He was very organized, with a pen and a pad of paper scribbled with directions, tips and tricks that he had picked up in each town from the locals that knew the areas in which he passed. he was well dressed for the experience, and well groomed. To say the least he just didn't fit the part! We asked him where he was headed and he replied Montana. My buddies and I had no other plans for the day so we decided to take 5 as far as he needed.
    Over the next hour we discovered a little about 5. We learned that he was actually a pretty successful businessman, that he was employed by a company that hired him to travel around the country and move company vehicles from one location to another and that he would pocket the travel money that they had allotted him and just hitch his way from one place to another. 5 had made a career out of hitchhiking! I was pretty impressed! This guy was good!
    5 told stories. when I say stories I mean he never stopped talking the entire time we were on the road (about 3 hours to be exact). He told us about hitching in the 70's he told us about Europe and Canada, Asia and all over the United States. He gave us a lot of valuable information, such as if I were in Thailand and I had an itch for a pizza, sprinkled with pot delivered to me by a naked woman seated on a baby elephant I could have it for about $60, and the price of a girlfriend for a week in Bangkok. Over all it was quite the learning experience.
    In the end we dropped our newly found friend off in West Yellowstone, had an ice cream cone and headed home. I will never forget 5. I'm pretty sure every time I see a hitchhiker I'll look to see if it's him.

    Just after Christmas 2009 I had been placed into a situation that blessed me with the opportunity to choose my own adventure. Previous to visiting my friends and family in Seattle, WA. over Christmas break my car chose to stop working on me leaving me to bum rides off friends to work each morning or walk the 30 min drive to Idaho Falls. One particular morning I was late for work because I was unable to secure a ride from a friend. I girded up my loins,  on this particular morning,  quickly fashioned a sign from an old cardboard box and made my way to the freeway. I was amazed at how easy it was to hitch a ride! I hadn't been on the side of the road for more than five minutes when someone picked me up. For the next week I hitched to and from work.
    Jumping forward to just after Christmas. I had descended the plane at about 845am in the Boise, ID. airport when after a quick phone call I discovered that I didn't have enough money to catch the Salt Lake Express. Either way it would be 12 hours before it arrived to take the long awaiting passengers home to their destinations. I had an idea! It worked before so why not now? I grabbed my bags stuffed with presents gifted to me over the break, a coco motion, some socks, and a slew of gift cards and headed for the road! I was picked up just after I passed the first on ramp. The woman took me just far enough to make it to the next on ramp. Awe the widows mite!
    After walking a few a farmer by the name of Merl picked me up. He drove me all of the way to Twin falls. He was the nicest man! He told me stories of his family, the Mexicans that worked for him and life on the farm. I envied him. He was the kind of man I wish to be when I reach a ripe old age. A real man! Very "John Wayne"!
    Merl dropped me off just outside of twin falls next to a field of cows. I walked for about two miles thinking about my life, kicking rocks and feeling the warm sun on my cold face. It was a bitter sweet few miles. I thought about the life I've lived and the things I'd done. I felt at peace with myself. I had not been a perfect man,but I'd lived a life and that life had made me who I was at that moment in time.
    Two miles passed pretty quick. Truck drivers aren't like they are portrayed in movies! My thumb in the air was a ghost to every truck driver that passed. I was unsure if they changed lanes to avoid hitting me or just to make sure I knew that there was no chance in hell one of them would pick me up. the cows kept me company though and when my feet felt sore enough someone picked me up. believe it or not it was a Salk Lake Express driver headed home from work. He took me all the way to Pocatello and didn't even mention it when I fell asleep for an hour or so. He just offered me a bottled water upon awakening.
    Sure enough my time had come to an end with my new friend upon arriving at the gas station in Pocatello and after a quick lunch I headed back to the road. This time I was not alone! A strange black man accompanied me. At first he was ahead of me, but I figured that the closer i was to him either ahead or behind would throw off the drivers and my chances of being picked up would be less than likely. So I tightened my laces and kicked it into gear. I walked fast! with in a few minutes I had blazed passed the awkward black man and moved on to greener pastures.
    Around the time that I had come just a few exits before the Fort Hall Casino A construction worker picked me up. He was worried that I might be picked up by the cops( to my understanding it is not illegal to hitchhike in Idaho, but I was happy for the ride). He managed to drive me to the casino being that he was on his way to waist his earnings or gain a fortune depending on his relationship with lady luck. He was nice enough, but time was short and was less than sufficient to create a relationship from thin air.
     Within five minutes of leaving the casino I was picked up. The man asked me if I were a Mormon I replied that I am and he told me to get in anyways. Over the next hour or so he expressed every frustration he had with church. He told me a bit about his passed and confessed a few sins. Its weird how comfortable people can  get with complete strangers.
     Alas after an hour I was home in my little snow town of Rexburg, ID. My journey was over, but I would surely see the road another day! It would haunt my dreams.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

One for me, one for you and one for Hemingway...

    A few weeks ago a few friends and I took a trek out to visit an old friend. I never knew the man, we had never sat and had a conversation over a cup of coffee, we'd never even shared a secret between us, he'd never recognize me, if he were alive today, supposing he bumped into me on the street. The fact is he isn't a friend of mine nor am I a friend of his, in the traditional sense of the word, but through reading his works I feel a closeness to who this man was. 
    Standing at Hemingway's grave, his last wife laid to rest beside him beneath a few trees, I couldn't help but notice the many pennies strewn across his grave. I wondered their significance. I though that possibly it could be each visitors two cents, but I feel that it had a deeper meaning, something that people got that I just didn't. non the less I reached into my pocket and pulled out three coins. I passed one two my buddy, put one back into my pocket and the other I placed on the mans grave with hope that no offense was given for not knowing why.
    If you are ever in Idaho, I highly suggest taking a trip out to visit an old friend, or a new friend if your just now being introduced to his works. Either way its worth the trip! And on your way out ask a local where Lefty's bar and grill is. The burgers are amazing!

BABIES - Official Trailer [HD]

    I saw the trailer for this a few months back and was reminded of its existence just yesterday when I saw it posted to be coming soon to RedBox. I'm so excited! Predicted, by me, to be the feel good movie of the year! If you've seen it and you tell me the ending I'll kill you! luv, me.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday morning means Apples In Stereo!

    This is just something that just fits on a saturday morning. notice Elijah Wood? That guys in everything!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Death of The Mixtape, Loss of A Love Affair.

    When I was about 10 years old I was introduced to the wonderful world of music. In case you didn't know me back then, which I'm sure is most of you, I was what the world would label as a loser! I spent most of my days unsuccessfully trying to hang out with my older brother and his friends. When I discovered music I discovered rock, and when I discovered rock I discovered life! At that point I figured who needs friends?
    Maybe a year or so later I gained posession of a tape player/radio boom box, how this beautiful box of joy entered into my posession I do not recall, but I at that moment in time was that happiest child on earth! I immediately scrounged tapes from all the corners of my world (i.e: stole them from other people). Some of these tapes were already recorded materials, but with the McGyver like skills I posessed as a now 11 year old I taped over the holes allowing new recordings to be placed on the tape. Over time I began to make, what us people that are old enough to remember call, mix tapes. I would stay up late at night with y box of tapes clicking away on the record and pause buttons recording all of the best songs off of the radio. I would make mix tapes for friends and they would make them for me. when i really liked a girl, and she had to be really some kind of girl, I would make a mix for her. Usually these mix would be full of songs that would remind me of her or songs that said how I felt about her..
    Last summer A few friends of mine got together and did a mix cd exchange. I made sure to include a copy of the same mix on tape form. The winter of 2009 I drove a 93' Chrystler Conchord equipped with one working speaker and a tape deck. Although I believe The mix tape is dead and gone as a culture, my memories of those better days and my love of the craft will always live on.

Woolrich Since 1830

    The other day I was at my local thrift store and I came across a gem that could not be passed up. this gem I speak of was a blue Woolrich woven belt with leather compliments. If you have never heard of Woolrich you are not alone. I was unaware of them up until about a week ago. Since my discovery of this precious gem I have done some research on the company. 
    Woolrich is an outdoor apparel company founded in 1830 by John Rich and family. From a modest woolen mill in central Pa.  Woolrich has grown and now operates under the staff of 600 employees and is Americas oldest continuously operating outdoor apparel company. Woolrich Has continued a level or excellence in providing a quality product for 180 years. In it's years of service the company has advanced from providing quality outerwear for men and women to providing woolen fabrics, blankets and Home furnishings. 
    To Learn more or just see some really great stuff checkout their website at www.woolrich.com or www.woolenmills.com

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rabbit Stick Anyone?

    People always ask me why I live in Idaho. It baffles them that a globe trotter like myself, a person that has gone and seen, would call Idaho home. What is there to do? What possible fun could be had? Here is just one answer I would have no shame in giving them, Rabbit Stick! 
    Having just returned moments ago from my second year as a participant in the Thursday evening bonfire the sights sounds and smells are fresh in my senses. It has officially become a tradition I intend to keep. Rabbit Stick is a primitive skills encampment that lasts week located just off the banks of the historic Henry's fork of the Snake River. At this encampment participants learn to live off of the land. The treat is Thursday night when participants get a little crazy while dancing around a huge bonfire to the hypnotic beats of some 20-30 drums. Your participation level depends on how comfortable you feel. Many dress as animals or dress very little at all. No matter the attire or lack there of the feeling of letting go and pure freedom and acceptance is felt in this family of fun loving hippies. If your ever in Idaho I highly suggest checking it out!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hipsters Heart Bill Murray!

    In case you haven't heard, Bill Murray is the new black! Forget your fanny packs and 510's. 'If you ain't got Bill Murray take your broke @$$ home!' Jim Jarmusch, Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola,
the biggest names in indie films want him! He has become the poster child of hipsters world wide. To make a long story short Hipsters Heart Bill Murray.
Heres a list of films you can use to impress your friends!
1. Ed Wood(1994)-Tim Burton
2. Rushmore(1998)-Wes Anderson-
3. The Royal Tenenbaums(2001)- Wes Anderson
4. Coffee and Cigaretts(2003)- Jim Jarmusch
5. Lost in Translation(2003)- Sofia Coppola
6. The Life Aquatic(2004)- Wes Anderson
7. Broken Flowers(2005)- Jim Jarmusch
8. The Darjeeling Limited(2007)- Wes Anderson
9. The Limits of Cotrol(2009)- Jim Jarmusch
10. The Fantastic Mr. Fox(2009)- Wes Anderson

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Do You Feel?/The Power of Music

I was just reading one of my favorite blogs when I came across a post called "The Power of Music" by Bobby Soloman. I am all for music movies and media of all kinds that make me feel. I honestly believe that, as human beings, we get caught up in our day to day habits of life and we forget to feel. If you don't feel anything while watching this video I'd suggest you get yourself checked!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Desert island all time top 5 best John Cusak movies

Welp, if you haven't already figured it out by the name this blog will have dessert island lists of what I think are the all time top "things".

    A friend of mine suggested that I pick up the movie Hot Tub Time Machine and watch it. Being the movie lover that I am I figured I'd give it a shot! I looked into it a bit and found out that John Cusack was one of the main characters. I will say this, I have never disliked any movie with John Cusack in the cast with the exception of 1408.  In fact if i were in the mood I would make a dessert island all time top five worst movies ever, and I would include that particular one. hot tub time machine was pretty bad. the idea was cool the cast wasn't all that bad. I actually found chevy chase's roll as the maintenance man was a good idea being that he is the 80's movie star of all 80's movie stars.  Anyway, I digress... Here it is in order to redeem Mr. Cusack's name. The dessert island all time top five best John Cusack movies.

1. High Fidelity(2000).
2. Better Off Dead(1985).
3. Gross Point Blank(1984).
4. Being John Malkovich(1999).
5. Runaway Jury(2003).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Mouse!

     Here I lye in bed its 300am and it is too hot to sleep. To pass my time I am making just another playlist... I was just thinking on the concert I had last attended. It was a hot summer’s day in Salt lake 
City, concert goers were scattered across Pioneer Park like lawn darts, one young fellow had climbed a tree as the smell of sweet sticky filled the air. A young girl, up on shoulders, was promptly pelted with empty beer cups with hopes that she would get down and stop blocking the view. The mayor of salt lake after many "words of wisdom" announced that “The Mouse” would be coming the stage to melt some faces!
     For those of you that are old enough to remember that modest mouse had a time “... before the ship even sank” than you can remember that they put out an album called building nothing out of something. this nugget of joy has been the soundtrack of better days for me with such sweet jams as “broke” and  “all night diner”, lying here in bed listening to it now just re-affirms that it truly is one of my personal favorites. If you have a chance in between your busy 9-5 I highly suggest getting ahold of it! I promise you that your 510’s will feel just a bit more snug.
Scouts honor!