Thursday, November 25, 2010

Desert Island All Time Top Five(plus one) best websites for live music.

    Well, as many of you know I am a music fan. I also spend alot of time "lerking" blogs and websites of various types(e.g. art, music etc.). I decided a few weeks ago to compile a list of my favorite sites under the criteria that they had video of live music. Here is a list of my desert island all time top five( plus one) websites to visit if you like live music performances. The list is in no particular order. Hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to comment...
    The A.V. Club is a pretty sweet pop culture website. It covers film, literature and music. One of my favorite shows that has come from this site is "Undercover". Watch the video and it explains the details as to how it works. Just click the link below to hit up the website and check out the other covers. Enjoy!

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Live on KEXP)

Just had to add this one to the list. Gotta show the Seattle love! KEXP is actually a radio station. They have an amazing website to compliment the radio station. On this website they have in studio performances. Here's one from The Temper Trap. If your wondering why this song is so freaking familiar it's probably because you share my obsession with Zooey Dechanel and you watched the movie 5oo Days of Summer. Yeah, it's on the soundtrack. You like? you know what to do... check out the website at the link below:

Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

I was never a fan of talk radio until I was a bit older. Because of that fact I was under the impression that NPR(National PublicRadio), which is traditionally a talk radio station, was not for me. I was later influenced by my older, and somewhat wiser, brother that I should educate myself a bit and listen. Naturally I, being a northwesterner, was attracted to NPR. It's what we do. If you don't get it it's likely that your just not from the upper left. As I began listening to NPR I quickly learned what they were all about. My eyes were opened to a whole new world of talk radio. I realized that people had more to say than the president sucks and talk about their opinions on politics. I realized that there was radio that would enlighten, inform, and edify with facts and un-bias information.
All that aside NPR not only talks of politics and world events it promotes culture and the arts. Here is a video of Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros live from the NPR "Tiny Desk" concert studio. You can find more live feed and footage of bands in the NPR studio at the website. Just click the link below:

The Walkmen - The Rat (Live from Juan's Basement)

The Walkmen have been a personal fav. since way back when my best buddy/heterosexual life partner introduced them to me. He threw together a compilation of music that has tested the sands of time and has remained to this date one of the greatest mix tapes I have ever heard, "The Rat" being one of those songs... I must say, this song is epic!

The video comes from a website called Pitchfork which has risen from the ashes of the underground to become the most popular of alt/indie music websites. On this particular site there is a link called pitchfork tv consisting of various shows that the wonderful people at Pitchfork have created for our viewing pleasure, my favorite being Juan's Basement. Juan's Basement is just as it sounds. Bands put together a set list of music they want to play and them proceed to play it in the basement of a young gentleman named Juan. As always, if you like it, go to the website for more golden nuggets of joy!

Just click the link below:

Grizzly Bear - All We Ask (Black Cab Sessions: Chapter Seventy-Nine)

Grizzly bear is a band that I have appreciated for quite a long time now. I stumbled across their epic Friend EP while working in the Seattle area a few years back. I had been bumbling around the local record store looking for something shiny and new. Here is a video from a really great site, one of my favorites, called The Black Cab Sessions. There are many more videos of these great alt/indie bands playing in the "Black Cab" at the site. Just click the link below. Do enjoy!


This is an amazing video from an amazing french blog by the name of La Blogotheque. It is one of my most favorite places to watch music videos. Most of which are played to the backdrop Paris, France. If you enjoyed this video check out the many others at the site. Just click on the link below:

Mothers raise your boys to be men!

Mothers teach your boys to be men!

Men that are trustworthy, loyal, helpful and friendly.

Men that are courteous, kind, and obedient.

Men that are cheerful, thrifty and brave.

Men that are clean and that show reverence.

These are the men that the world desperately needs.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blonde Redhead - Top Ranking

I was talking to a friend the other day and I mentioned that over thanksgiving break I would be in Seattle and per chance be catching a Blonde Redhead show at the Showbox. In response she replied, "Who's that?" So I quickly pulled up youtube on the ol' Mac and played her some music. I stumbled upon this video and was impressed! Check it out and you may see why...