Sunday, January 2, 2011

If I had to say it, I'd say Takashi Iwasaki!

Takashi Iwasaki
Winnipeg, CA
Mixed Arts
    If I had to have a favorite artist right now, I'd have to say it is Takashi Iwasaki. I recently stumbled upon his work in one of my late night "web drunks"! Educated in both Japan and Canada, it is plane to see that aside from the countless hours that have been painstakingly spent in the classroom and study, be not deceived, this 27 year old has a natural talent!
Iwasaki prefers to create using various medium. His works tend to explore a broad range of works from former abstract to representational, conceptual, and symbolic. He recently had 23 of his embroidery pieces showing from November through the end of December in the Elliot Louis Gallery located in Vancouver, BC.

My personal favorite of his pieces are his collection of what he personally calls his Abbis(pet name for his abstract art pieces). Here are a few examples:

to view more of Iwasaki's work including paintings, abbis, drawings, embroidery, collages, and prints, check out his website by clicking the link below:


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